Isn’t It Funny (Sports Style) – Part I

ISN’T IT FUNNY when the NFL initially implemented the instant replay/challenge rule − the TV networks did not always go to commercials? Now, once a play is under a challenge, TV networks are much more sophisticated and often go to a commercial without briefly explaining the reason for the challenge and providing a brief overview of the situation facing the offense and defense. How things have changed!

ISN’T IT FUNNY about ESPN and some of their radio advertising. There was an interesting comment on ESPN Radio 1000 (Chicago) the other morning. On the Mike and Mike Show, Mike Golic was talking about his last visit to Sport Clips (hair cutting salon). He mentioned all the TVs in the salon were tuned to sports, saying they all were tuned to ESPN (without missing a beat). I realize ESPN is a tremendous player in sports broadcasting and I believe they currently have 6 or 7 sports related channels but to imply sports on TV only involves ESPN is a bit arrogant if not delusional.

Perhaps Sport Clips is owned by ESPN or their parent company.

ISN’T IT FUNNY to hear teams who don’t always have success but are having some short-term success get caught up in the RESPECT conversation. A team may be off to a good start in baseball or basketball and are not getting love from the national media. Many of the fans too get upset about this. We need more love. We need more respect. Most people don’t even mention our name. These teams and fans are too caught up in trying to garner TLC from media.

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Who cares? If your team wants respect, win. Moreover, don’t just win a few games or put together a winning streak. Show the rest of the country how good you are. You may not have won anything and you’re winning your division, but the media and fans may not care about you. If you win, you automatically get love and attention if not respect. Winning has a funny way of taking care of that respect question.

ISN’T IT FUNNY to now learn the Green Bay Packers are considering expanding the capacity of Lambeau Field by over 7,000 seats to seat close to 80,000 spectators. When they renovated Lambeau Field during the last 10 years, felt they should take a big gamble and strike when the iron is hot and build an 80,000-seat stadium at that time. You see, demand significantly exceeds supply and still does.

Renovating the stadium again after doing it within the last 10 years is going to cost them additional millions of dollars. Some of the renovation costs would have only been absorbed once if they had “thought big” when they renovated last decade.

Speaking of demand, it is reported there are 30,000 fans on the waiting list. Even if you increase capacity to 80,000 and you only sell-out for 15 years, and demand eventually wanes and no longer exceeds supply, look at the revenue gains for that significant period. There aren’t too many things all Wisconsinites can agree on, and rooting for the Packers at Lambeau is probably near the top of the list.

ISN’T IT FUNNY to see how ESPN and TNT during their NBA playoff coverage rarely show controversial calls or plays? How will the NBA and dictator David Stern respond when 20% of those in attendance have a smart phone or ability to review the replay regardless of the coverage or directive made by the NBA team?

ISN’T IT FUNNY that in professional soccer, players who fake being hurt are sometimes penalized. When will that same principle apply to the NBA? As Van Gundy says on ESPN, isn’t it time to penalize players who fake an injury or “flop” to trick the referee to make a call to benefit their team? Some say this is part of the game but feel it is manipulative and players sometimes should be penalized for this — especially if it’s egregious or obvious.