Make the most of your job as a cashier at Farm and Fleet

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I was in Wisconsin last week shopping at the Farm and Fleet store in Sturtevant and my items were rung up by a young cashier who appeared to be disinterested in her work. She didn’t smile or say anything noteworthy – it appeared to me, she was lacking any passion or personality. I was just another customer she had to handle during her shift. Perhaps I was a minor inconvenience.

While she rung up my items, this Farm and Fleet store was not particularly busy at the time. No one else was in line, in fact, there were no other customers nearby. So I was interested in her approach during such a slow time. Nothing, she just handed me my change (in dollars)…as the rest of my change was spit out into a circular bowl.

No smile or no thank you. And no, thanks for shopping a Farm and Fleet today.

Look, I realize she’s young and she assumes this is just a job but is there an opportunity for her to make a difference? When cashiers are very busy, we all know they can’t chat or spend too much time with you. When they’re not busy, why not spend a little time being social and customer focused? Especially if your job just entails ringing up purchases as a cashier. I know being a little social and friendly might require a little flexibility on her part but I’m confident cashiers would be up to the challenge. Especially in a Farm and Fleet store which caters to those “down to earth” type people. What does she have to lose?

If she’s not up to the challenge, perhaps her manager can use this as a retail “teaching moment” to help make the most of her job and become more customer focused.

And who knows, it might have made her feel better and help pass the time. And who knows, it might make her manager look good. How do I get this message across to someone like that? Or would the manager even care what a customer  has to say?


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