Paper or Plastic Divider at the Grocery Store?

New Divider At The Grocery Store
Do you ever get annoyed at the grocery store when you are not asked if you want paper or plastic? I guess plastic is the de facto choice but personally, I’d like to be asked. From my perspective, I just see plastic bags as too difficult to handle. If you get $100 worth of groceries; I’d rather not have to schlep 15 individual plastic bags into my trunk (let alone into my house).

Personally, I’d much rather use paper bags if they are packed correctly. Generally speaking, grocery store paper bags are tough enough, so you can usually get a fair amount of groceries in each paper bag. 

And speaking of a divider, could I suggest a grocery bag preference divider at each checkout line? The divider can have three sides: Paper, Plastic or Other (you brought your own in) to indicate which type of bag you use for your groceries. This divider could alert the cashier to have a good idea of your preference—and if necessary, they could quickly ask to confirm.

Just a minor convenience to help improve the grocery shopping experience. In the meantime, I’ll try to be eco-conscious and remember to bring in my own canvas bags to reduce and reuse my grocery bags.

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