The Silo Restaurant —Tasty Pizza but what’s up with the pizza discount?

Evaluation of the 50% Off Coupon Offer

There’s a restaurant in Lake Bluff, which has been serving and pleasing customers for many years. It’s called The Silo Restaurant. Part of the restaurant is shaped like a silo – hence, the name.

This brief article is not about the food, service or ambience. This is not a restaurant critique or evaluation; I’ll leave that to the restaurant critics. The focus of this article is on the Silo’s 50% coupon offer.

You may see this in a coupon mailer or a local newspaper that The  Silo is offering a 50% off any pizza coupon. You might immediately think this is a good deal until you read all the print that says the maximum discount allowed is $4. Interesting offer.

50% off any food order is great until you see max discount is $4.00

50% off any food order is great until you see max discount is $4.00

Let’s see how this savings would apply to their 14-inch Specialty Pizza. The cost of this 14-inch Specialty Pizza is $23.95, so applying the 50% discount (not exceeding $4) means the pizza would cost about $20.00. Some would say this is hardly a bargain. Even though the ad states the 50% coupon, this particular discount comes out to be 17% of the total cost. Is this the kind of deal or discount you think of when you see a 50% off ad?

Look, they’ve been offering this discount for at least 15 years – perhaps even longer. At some point in the past, this may have been a decent offer. However, today, it’s somewhat laughable. No, I’m wrong, it’s downright laughable!

Has anyone noticed that the value of this coupon has not changed over the years? Of course, the cost of food and beverages has significantly increased over the course of 15 to 20 years even though this particular coupon has not kept pace?

According to the coupon, one must present the coupon before ordering. Does that mean if you forget to mention the 50% off coupon, you’ll have to pay the normal price?

The other interesting aspect of this coupon states this coupon is not valid with any other offer. Of course, we wouldn’t want the restaurant to go broke offering more than a significant discount on a pizza or meal.

Folks at Silo, consider reevaluating the value of this coupon and bring it into the 21st Century.


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