Would You Consider Another Alternative to the 5-hour ENERGY product?

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As I wrote in my earlier blog in September of 2010, there are many alternatives to the 5 hour energy drink. This could include diet, exercise, amount of water consumed to name just a few. I’m not against this product per se − I simply want to provide options or alternatives to this supposedly “quick fix” energy drink. Having options and flexibility when it comes to searching for ways to give them energy or a boost at various times of the day.

One thing I failed to mention in that article revolves around some  herbal supplements. I know there are a number of herbal supplements that can increase energy and endurance although I will simply focus on a few. For example, I purchased Bee Pollen at Wal-Mart yesterday. The cost was $5 for 100 capsules, the brand was Spring Valley. Taking a few capsules with lunch or in the afternoon can certainly help energy levels too. At 5 cents a capsule, it’s hard to spend more than 10 or 15 cents to help increase your alertness and energy level. The increased productivity for this small price potentially makes it a great value to consider. The other herbal supplement I’ve used for years is Ginseng. This is grown in Korea, Siberian or America and I read that each place of origin provides unique qualities and benefits. I also purchased Ginseng at Wal-Mart. A bottle of 150 capsules of Siberian Ginseng cost $10, which is  6.7 cents per capsule. Again, taking a few capsules in late morning or afternoon can help energy and especially endurance and it’s still less than 15 cents. I know there are other supplements such as Spirulina or Ginkgo Algae although I just wanted to use bee pollen and ginseng as an alternative to this energy drink.

From my experience, bee pollen often provides an “energy boost” and ginseng does too but the latter appears to center more around “staying power” or endurance so that’s important to keep in mind. Again, as I mentioned in the last paragraph, the origin of Ginseng may determine its unique energy and health benefits. Regardless of your personal preference, these two herbal supplements provide alternatives to the 5 hour energy drink. Each consumer has to make up their own mind when they are in the market for an energy boost.

Have you had any experience or success with using certain herbal supplements as an energy boost from time to time?


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