Isn’t it Funny — NBA Style

Just a few insightful remarks about the current NBA and coverage of the NBA…

ISN’T IT FUNNY when the NBA (National Basketball Association) years ago implemented the 20-second timeout − they did not initially go to a commercial break? Now, TV broadcast will typically fly to a commercial. I wonder how long these 20 second timeout commercials actually last? Sometimes, I wonder if a 20-second timeout may last one minute.

ISN’T IT FUNNY that Dwight Howard is one of the poster boys for the NBA, often gets in physical altercations, and has been assessed so many technical fouls. What’s the NBA trying to say? That would be like the NHL marketing their league by using certain players who have been assessed the most penalty minutes or gotten into the most on-ice brawls. Is this a desperate move by the NBA?

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ISN’T IT FUNNY that announcers during NBA telecasts never tell you how many timeouts each team has for the half or the entire game? I can’t remember hearing this for at least 15 years or more even though I suspect teams have more timeouts than they used to have because there are more commercial interruptions than ever before.

ISN’T IT FUNNY how you thought 2 minutes was a lot of time between quarters. Think it’s that way now? I’ve timed some in between quarters and it’s at least 3 minutes if not more.

ISN’T IT FUNNY that the MVP announcement for the 2010-11 season was just announced on May 3, 2011. In addition, the Coach of the Year was announced over the weekend. According to my information, the NBA regular season ended on April 13. Therefore, it took 20 days (almost 3 weeks) to make the MVP announcement and about 2 and 1/2 weeks for the Coach of the Year announcement. Why not announce this within 3-6 days of the end of the season before the NBA playoffs get into full swing?

ISN’T IT FUNNY when a sports broadcaster compliments a professional basketball player who makes a “heads up” either play on offense or defense. I often hear, “that was a smart play” by so and so. Really, aren’t pro basketball players paid huge sums of money to make “heads up” plays on a regular basis?

ISN’T IT FUNNY when announcers talk about the success of the Chicago Bulls, invariably, the thought shifts to the Michael Jordan’s Bulls of the 90’s. Let bygones be bygones.

ISN’T IT FUNNY how many NBA officials will “make up a call” shortly after blowing a call. It’s usually done within 5 or 6 minutes of play although it’s difficult to ascertain if all referees attempt to “make up a call” from time to time.

ISN’T IT FUNNY how NBA announcers commonly will compliment a player subsequently after they’ve made a good play or two. Go out on a limb and sometimes take a chance and tell viewers why certain players are stars before they make a good play.

ISN’T IT FUNNY how the Miami Heat have really turned it up a few notches once the NBA Playoffs began. Their regular season was respectable but they are now playing basketball the way many basketball pundents felt they’d play once those 3 superstars began to gel together.