Loss of Tax Revenue in Libertyville?

There was a recent article in Patch.com about the strong possibility of the Village of Libertyville to lose some tax revenue with a new grocery store being built just outside their jurisdiction. The store is called Mariano’s Fresh Market – a grocery and specialty store in Vernon Hills which is just south of Libertyville on Milwaukee Avenue.

You see, there are two grocery stores in Libertyville, Sunset Foods and Jewel-Osco for a town of about 22,000 residents. Sunset Foods has great produce and deli section with good service although they are considerable more expensive than the standard grocery. Jewel-Osco is less expensive, with a poorly designed parking lot and provides average service at best.

Libertyville Village Hall from Britannica.com

As a past volunteer at Mainstreet Libertyville, I will support those local and downtown businesses up to a point although they have to remain somewhat competitive.

Having said that, I will not support local grocers under any conditions. If you want to collect more tax revenue through grocery sales, provide more stores and more variety. If you want more local residents to grocery shop here, provide more competitively priced grocery stores with a penchant for customer service. Until you do this, my present options are very limited which means, often, I will travel an extra 5-10 minutes and visit the grocers just outside the Village of Libertyville.

According to this Patch.com article, on the opening day of Mariano’s, Libertyville Mayor Terry Weppler will spend half of  his day at Sunset Foods and Jewel-Osco thanking customers who are shopping at the Libertyville based grocery stores. I appreciate his support but to increase or maintain our tax revenue, we need Mayor Weppler and other local politicians to do more than just symbolic gestures at our local grocers.

In my opinion, local providers who can provide good service, convenience and competitively priced items also applies to department stores, retail discounters, and hardware stores. If you want me to shop local (Libertyville) to increase the tax revenue, provide some viable options.




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