Coffee anyone at Panera?

I know some who read this article may think I’m splitting hairs with the nature of this article although to me, it’s an interesting thought (at least in my feeble opinion) so I can’t resist. If you’re annoyed or offended by the triteness, my apologies.

Here goes…If you are frugal Frank and you want to order coffee at Panera and stay a while, what size coffee do you choose? Considering you’re frugal, you like to save money wherever possible. With free refills (while you in Panera), is it imperative to order the largest size that incurs the greatest cost? On the other hand, do you order the smallest size – knowing you can have free refills while at Panera?

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To clarify, as of March 23, 2011, at the Libertyville Panera, prices for coffee were $1.79, $1.99 and $2.09 for small, medium and large coffee.

Even though I try to save money whenever I can, I usually order the largest size – maybe it’s guilt or maybe it’s convenience. The price difference is now $.30 although it may have been greater in the past. If you don’t mind helping yourself to coffee a number of times, do you save the $.30 and choose the smallest cup?

Perhaps a number of factors supersede the objective of saving money. Panera is a comfortable place to socialize with friends or get some work done. With free Wi-Fi, it’s easy to spend a least a few hours passing away time. Bagel and sandwich samples notwithstanding, if you’re only ordering coffee, do you feel guilty or inclined to order the largest size?

What do you think?

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