Super Target Shopping Experience – Review Of

Retail Display Issues?
I’m in my local Target and I’m looking at sweatshirts (to help keep me warm this past winter) but I can’t find a price on any of the sweatshirts. What should I do? I guess I could grab a sweatshirt or two and wander down an aisle looking for a price scanner to determine the price but I decline…I see no scanner in the area. I could ask a Target associate to scan it for me although I can’t find one in the men’s department. I will not look for an associate who may call another associate (as they work in another area) to assist me. I was interested in this item but can’t locate the price to help make an informed decision so I move to the next rack. A missed sale?


I move on to another area of the men’s department. There’s another rack jammed with casual shirts and more sweatshirts but I can’t really view the selection or size as they too compressed and close together to enable me to easily browse the selection. A missed sale?


Not a big deal but as a shopper, I’m looking for ease and convenience. I don’t want to have to work too hard to find something that fits and within their budget. You can’t forget the little things to make that extra sale. Overall, the shopping experience was fine (especially looking for groceries) although the only thing in my mind as I left the store was that uncertainty and disorganization I experienced in the men’s department.


Are these post coupons worth saving?
I get these coupons from Target at the end of the purchase. Sometimes they make it home and sometimes not. Sometimes they expire while at home and it’s rare I will actually redeem any of them. Does Target really care if I redeem them? Will that make a difference somehow? Or is this something Target does as an agreement with their suppliers and vendors?


Suggestion: Why not have a credit or debit type card where they swipe and put the coupons on the card? That way, I can easily redeem them anytime I’m in the store. Having a kiosk available where I could scan my current card and receive a print out of the coupons still valid. Make it easy for me – and adding a longer expiration date will help too! Why will I spend 5 to 10 minutes at home looking for a few coupons in order to save a few dollars?

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Comfy Chairs in the Books Section
Look, Target is no Barnes and Noble or Borders when it comes to ambience and reading but why not consider placing a few comfortable chairs in the Books’ section at Target? Even as an experiment? Add some carpeting to make it comfortable for reading and relaxing. Use a few stores in various parts of the country as a focus group or test market.


Sometimes, I have some time to kill and I want to stay in Target and read and maybe spend more money although I have a limited amount of department store stamina before I want to sit down and take five. That change of pace might do me wonders.


It doesn’t have to be that many chairs…try it out with three or four and see how things go. Have several chairs near the books and magazines where I can relax and maybe do a little reading. Maybe configure a store where the Starbuck’s kiosk is near the reading area. Often, I exit the store not mentally tired but just physically tired – especially my legs or feet. Have a respite inside a SuperTarget might help contribute to their bottom line. Your thoughts?

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  1. It’s interesting that Target is trying to bring more shoppers in the store by attempting to add small stores and boutiques. In my May post evaluating my shopping experience at Target, I suggested comfy chairs around the book and magazine section. This would enable customers to hang out and perhaps do more shopping once rested. Adding options and comforts to Target may help in the long run — especially if done right.,0,6419096.story

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