Cici’s Restaurant Evaluation, The Villages, Florida


I had a chance to visit the Cici’s Restaurant in The Villages in late December, 2010. It was the 3rd visit to this restaurant over the last few years. Comments listed below: 

Needs Improvement
1. Don’t use a spray bottle to clean the tables when customers are within 2 feet of the table being cleaned. One Cici employee was spraying some cleaner onto an adjacent table which unfortunately carried over to our area. To smell disinfectant while you’re enjoying pizza, salad or dessert is not why we visit this restaurant. If the table cleaner doesn’t realize this, then it is the responsibility of the manager on duty to point this out. At no area of the restaurant should clients smell any disinfectant or cleaning chemicals.

Suggestion: Some other restaurants use a pale of a clear cleaner (without spray) to mitigate this from happening.  

2. One Cici employee working behind the salad counter slammed down a spatula on the counter as I was helping myself to salad. It initially startled me — not sure why this was done? She quickly walked away after doing this.  

3. When employees bus tables, they need to be aware of clients enjoying their food nearby. Don’t throw silverware into the tub or bang glasses or plates together. It is abrasive, creates unnecessary noise and is disturbing to custoerms — especially to those sitting nearby the dirty dish bin.  

Mind you, being quieter when busing tables applies to many restaurants and not just Cici’s.  

4. During each of my 3 visits, there appears to be at least one employee not having a good night. I sense this by the way they carry themselves or how they speak to customers. Certainly not customer centric. When you’re not treated like a guest inhibits guests from actually feeling welcome and warm in that environment.

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Did Well
1. We requested special pizzas for our table and they obliged. They were very accommodating. 

2. Food was well displayed and there were many varieties to choose from. 

3. Good price for what you receive. Overall, a good value, especially for families with children. Especially if you are really hungry.

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Updated comments from 040611
I have to be honest, I have only visited one Cici’s Restaurant a number of times and that facility was in Central Florida. When I think of that particular restaurant, it appears to be fairly reasonably priced restaurant that serves a ton of food. If you’re really hungry, you may want to consider this type of restaurant. In my estimation, the food is OK – if your goal is a moderate serving of tasty food, I’d consider other venues. If you coach a soccer team and your team is really hungry after a tough game, Cici’s might deliver.

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