Of Course, Word of Mouth is Best

Word of Mouth says Word of Mouth is best…Over the last month or so, I had a few friends and relatives perplexed at not finding the correct service person to assist them in their needs. My one friend was looking for a mechanic and he didn’t know where to turn. In a similiar situation, a relative of mine was looking for a good electrician. I suggested asking friends or family members whom they trust (or value) to recommend a mechanic or a competent electrician. As far as I can tell, that’s the most secure way of receiving reliable advice. If your job or project is expensive or very important, take the time to ask a number of friends who you view in high regard.

Word of Mouth could apply (few examples):
Siding Contractors
HVAC Specialists

Image of an accountant from Acertifiedaccount.info

I’m sure this could apply to the more personal services such as looking for a doctor, attorney, tax accountant, mental health provider and financial planner. Be proactive to find a professional or specialist before you’re really in a bind. If you are in a bind and really need to find an attorney ASAP, what are the chances you can find “the right fit” to meet your requirements? If you’re rushed to find a doctor or mental health provider, what are the chances the yellow pages will help you meet your needs in a critical situation?

Realize just because you’ve found a reliable professional does not mean the relationship will be mutually beneficial. It may not be the right fit or your needs may not exactly mesh with their services. Regardless, by asking reputable friends and business associates, you’re significantly increasing your chances of finding a trustworthy and competent professional.

There will be times where you can’t rely on neighbors or friends for miscellaneous services as these services may be too obscure. What comes to mind are window washers, tree removal specialists or other uncommon things. In those situations, you may need to do more digging (unintended pun) or research to help mitigate you’re hiring someone who’s honest and reputable.