Is The iPad Such A Ridiculous Name?

The original iPad was introduced in April, 2010. I remember it well with all the negative press. There were so many stories, jokes, and ridicule, I wondered at the time if this new product had a fighting chance. I then realized it was an Apple Product and the branding of this product was safe. Regardless, at the time, so many in the media and public could not believe Apple chose this name – a name that reminded so many of a feminine product. Perhaps Apple and a few others were the only ones not deterred by the negative publicity.

Personally, I was never bothered by the name. It was not going to be called Pad or My Pad as the Apple product would always be preceded by an ‘i’. Because this is considered a tablet computer, it would have been difficult for Apple to choose tablet as a name or even iTablet. You needed a name that was somewhat aligned to tablet but not exactly the same name.

This product is quite sensorial so you could make the argument to call it the iTouch although with the iPod Touch, it might confuse the marketplace – which is which. Does iPad somehow convey home or semblance of comfort and security of home? I’m not sure although…

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So with iPad 2.0 being introduced in March 2011, have we heard the same negative press? Where are those in the media who felt Apple made a big mistake choosing iPad as a name last year? Where are those who suggested Apple did not do their homework with their name selection? The Apple brand is so powerful that they have created such a buzz with this product that many people don’t think of a feminine product when you hear the term ‘iPad’. I suspect we are done hearing media professionals harangue their choice of names.

According to Wikipedia, Apple released the first iPad in April 2010. Apply sold more than 3 million iPads during the first 3 months and have sold about 15 million in the 10 months the device has been in the marketplace. During this time, Apple has sold about 75% of all tablet PCs. Considering Apple sold 15 million of these devices in 10 months or 50,000 per day. Does it seem consumers were bothered by the name? Were consumers bothered by the fact that the iPad reminded some especially in the media of a feminine product? I think the amount of sales they’ve experienced in less than a year provides the answer.

You have the iPad 2 released in March 2011. I would not at all be surprised if the iPad 2 surpasses the sales for iPad 1.0 in less time.

It’s clear Apple never paid attention to the press in terms of the criticism of the name. They were too busy being innovative and trying to develop the next new cool gadget. I will say one of the first things that come to mind is how quickly they were able to develop the next version of a tablet PC. The second thing that came to mind was how many of these devices will they sell? How long will they dominate the market before there’s real competition for Apple? Now when you hear about how well the iPad 2.0 is doing, your own association is an innovative tablet PC.