Will personal principles persuade you to shop elsewhere?

Will your personal principles ever persuade you to shop elsewhere?

For example, there’s a window and siding business in Libertyville, north of the downtown area on Milwaukee Avenue. In the front of the business, in the parking lot, you will frequently find 2 large Hummers. As I drove my friend home one day, she remarked that she would never patronize that business. I was quite surprised at her comments, especially considering the fact that I hadn’t given it much thought. It’s not as though she is anti-siding or doesn’t believe in patronizing local businesses – but rather, she’s anti-Hummer. Her revulsion to this vehicle is not due to her eco-conscious stance so she’s not a tree hugger worried about their carbon footprint. No, it appears to be something else. She just doesn’t like Hummers. She thinks they’re aggressive looking and this particular brand turns her off.

Hummer picture from Hummerblog.org

It appears my friend has never liked Hummers and probably never will. Is she alone in her thinking? I suspect this vehicle is a lightning rod for many people and I also suspect it’s hard not to have an opinion about a Hummer. Is this a polarizing vehicle? In other words, you either really like them or they just repulse you. With thousands of cars that pass by this business everyday, are there significant amounts who are turned off by the two Hummers in front of this store?

Does it not make any bit of difference? Will some people bypass this store on ethical principles? If so, will the window and siding store ever know this is occurring?

A Hummer vehicle is not something I’m passion about and I don’t think it would necessarily dissuade me from visiting this local retailer if I had the need for new windows or siding.

I’m wondering if having Hummers in front of one’s business is an advantage or not? From a business perspective, do  you even take the chance?

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