Counter Intuitive Thoughts…

Some business consultants in the United States strive to find various ways to get customers off the phone. Or to go to the web instead of a call. Or to move to call centers to India.

There are still some companies that rely on the interaction between the company and clients so it’s important to maintain that close interaction. There’s at least one coffee company that encourages their clients or prospective clients to call them. Even though the company provides the Internet channel, the company regularly encourages customers to call. Does this sound counter intuitive?

The company learned some time ago their customers often provide the best feedback about their products and business. The company quickly realizes the value of this feedback. What flavors are most palatable and why? What’s working? What’s not? What should the company consider or do differently? Feedback or the type of interaction that  may be harder to capture through social networking or through the web. The phone interaction may help them capture the subtitles and nuances and provide feedback and direction to help grow their business.

So the next time you hear a consultant or expert say they can reduce your calls and save you money, decide for yourself if that’s the right policy. Even though the call center is an expense, your business may ultimately benefit from this type of model. Especially if it comes across that you really care what your customers think and are listening to your customer. Typically, those who work the front lines have valuable information and feedback to help the company know what to do or what not to do.

Over the years, I’ve driven 4 and 5 speeds but no other manual transmissions in cars. The other day, I heard that some cars are being developed with 6 gears. In today’s gas mileage conscious society, having a 4 speed manual transmission provides better gas mileage than an automatic transmission although having a 5 speed to even improve it a little more. Most manual transmissions sold are either 4 or 5 speeds – but there are some vehicles which are 6 speed. If a 5 speed transmission provides better mileage than a 4 speed transmission, then should not a 6 speed transmission improve mileage from a 5 speed transmission?

Even someone doesn’t mind driving a 4 or 5 speed, I suspect they wouldn’t mind driving a 6 speed as well. Especially if they see more value in doing so. What about you, would you ever consider a manual transmission car with greater than 5 gears?

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