Whether Or Not We Need Another Weather Channel

Typically, I do not watch the Weather Channel unless I’m quite interested in finding out the forecast or seeing if there’s severe weather on the horizon. The Internet is certainly one route although that sometimes takes time to login and peruse to where you need to go. Another option is the Weather Channel – especially if the TV is on as I’m looking for a quick update.

The issue arises when I turn on the Weather Channel and they’re broadcasting a show on tornadoes or hurricanes or other weather phenomenon. It may be interesting for some, except at that time, I’m looking for a local and reliable forecast ASAP. Needless to say, this happens all too frequently. My mind is thinking I can get a quick forecast from the Weather Channel to help me gauge if I need to take action to prepare for a potential storm. I’m tuning in the Weather Channel for the weather status and it’s not what I want. What happened to a quick forecast I once knew?  I’ve talked to others who have done the same thing – only to be disappointed with not getting the immediate weather information they were seeking.

Weather Map from Itstrulyrandom.com

My suggestion to the Weather Channel Company: Create two separate channels associated with weather. One show could have programming such as Storm Chasers or Severe Weather Disasters where you’ll always cater to that niche market. This niche market would encompass viewers who just love to watch stories about severe weather or weather related disasters. The other channel needs to be weather and weather forecasts 24/7. This channel could provide national and state forecasts and would also give local forecasts at least every 5 minutes. This new arrangements would contain two weather related channels, one, called Weather Stories or Weather and two, 24/7 Weather Forecasts.

If we’re about to receive severe weather, I’ll turn on the 24/7 Weather Forecasts. If the weather is good or I don’t need a forecast but interested in storm chasers or severe weather disasters, I’ll tune in to the Weather Stories channel. If I’m a weather buff or watching storms as a hobby, chances are I’ll spend a lot of time on the Weather Stories channel. Even if I’m a weather buff, having two channels provides me with the option to get the forecast on a moment’s notice. In my eyes, this arrangement would definitely be customer centric.

I’ve heard some say I could always tune in to the Weather Channel on the 8’s to check out the local forecast. First, I don’t know if this is still the case that the local forecast is on the 8’s throughout the day. If it’s only during parts of the day, it loses its effectiveness and I’ll be less likely to even tune in. In addition, if I just miss the local forecast, I have to wait another 8-9 minutes to see the local forecast? Essentially, that scenario will certainly drive me to the web. Once I’m on the web, is there any guarantee that I’m always going to http://www.weather.com?

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