What Will I Owe?

It’s been a few years since I last visited my daughter’s pediatrician (Lake Forest Pediatrics) and the new innovative feel of the payment process is great! First, the registration process involves us typing in the patient’s name and birthdate at the registration kiosk. Once confirmed, you pay, we paid with a credit card. I swipe my card and it automatically prints a receipt. Our wait was less than 5 minutes before we were seen by the nurse. A very innovative and efficient process. 

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Unfortunately, about one week later, I receive a bill from our pediatrician for $125. This bill is an additional charge, which was not part of the registration process and certainly not expected.

In full disclosure, our pediatrician did clean out my daughter’s ear. It was considered minor surgery, which consisted of the pediatrician spending 3 minutes cleaning out both of my daughter’s ears (this has been done for a number of years without ever a charge for this procedure). I will need to inquire whether this fee should have been part of the bill.

Because of the additional action needed on my part, the innovative check-in process loses some of its luster.

My suggestion, before the insured (‘s) leave the office, please let us know what we owe. I paid the $25 office visit, which I thought would suffice until I receive an additional bill in the mail. If there are additional charges, provide us an updated bill while we’re in the office.

By knowing the updated charges before I leave, I have the opportunity to discuss this with the office personnel. If this can be resolved while in the office, it’s a win-win without the additional mailing cost and subsequent phone calls.

Would you agree?

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