Sonic Restaurant Review

Sonic Restaurant Review-Lacking Customer Service?

On one of our vacation days last summer, we decided to spend the day in Milwaukee driving around and visiting some interesting sights. On the way home from Milwaukee, I decided to take the long way home. As I headed south, our entire family noticed a Sonic restaurant. Quickly, both my teenage girls screamed excitedly and convinced my wife and I to drop in and pay them a visit. Needless to say, this was our family’s first visit to Sonic. Because you may not see this restaurant every day, when you see one, you drop in – especially with hungry, teenage daughters.

Once I pulled in, it didn’t take me long to realize you certainly don’t go inside the restaurant to eat. You either utilize the drive thru or allow the Sonic carhop to pay you a visit after placing your order through the ordering system.

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We parked and ordered malts and ice cream. About 5 minutes later, we saw our carhop pay us a visit. It was surprisingly to see she was not that comfortable on her roller skates. She stumbled and ungracefully made her way to our car with our treats. She hardly said anything. She certainly was unable to hop from car to car at that rate! I could tell she was not happy. For whatever reason, it didn’t appear she wanted to be at work. Once I gave her my money, she was unable to provide change so she had to repeat the entire trip. I watched with trepidation.

Indeed, next time I’ll pay with a credit card…Carhops not having the ability to make change on the fly were different from what I’ve seen years ago at drive-in restaurants. Regardless, this was our maiden voyage to Sonic so we merely observed. On that hot afternoon, she did not have a pleasant demeanor so I tipped her to see if I could at least get her to smile. Even though it was against my principles to tip due to a sour attitude, I wanted to try to cheer her up. The tip worked, at least momentarily.

Needless to say, their malts and ice cream were delicious so I’d come back anytime for the treats but that’s not my takeaway. My takeaway: our carhop was not happy serving her customers. In other words, not customer centric.

Hopefully she’ll learn that in spite of the circumstances, you need to put on a happy face and help make the visit pleasant for each and all of your customers. It was a valuable customer service experience for my 17 year old daughter who works in the service industry. Without having to say anything, my daughter noticed the sub-par service and vowed to be pleasant and more customer focused to all her future customers.

Maybe next time I’ll just do the drive thru and save the carhop a trip?

Kevin Schwarm

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  1. Paul says:

    Sonic has the most stupid commercials on TV. Always shows two idiots with Sonic items in their hands but they never ever eat or drink anything they are holding. Is the food that bad???