Pleasant Service Received by a Customer…

A friend of mine told me a positive customer service story last week. She was dealing with her individual insurance company, Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP), and she had some general questions about her policy. She called the office and a live person actually answered the phone. Needless to say, this was a pleasant surprise to my friend who thought she’d have to deal with an automated telephone system. When is the last time you talked to a real person after calling a large company and avoided the automated system?

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After speaking with the operator and explaining her situation, she was transferred to a specialist in another department who assisted her. The operator correctly explained the situation to the analyst before transferring. Again, my friend was pleasantly surprised. She was also satisfied her call was initially routed to the correct department. A company being customer centric? Does it ever get annoying where you have to tell your story a number of times to various analysts before they begin to address your issue?

The specialist handled all the questions and promised to deliver the information to my friend by Friday – which occurred without issue. Overall, very good customer service. In fact, good enough that my friend felt compelled to share her positive experience with a number of people.

Typically, you hear horror stories about poor customer service. Does bad news sells more than good news? It reminds me of the negative TV evening news, people claim only bad news sells. I’m not sure if that’s the case. Who says good news or positive customer service can’t sell too? Are consumers interested in hearing the remarkable stories as well? Would you agree?