Summary of Football Insight and Analysis (Part II)

Summary of Football Insight and Analysis (Part II)

WHO’S MORE EFFECTIVE, ROETHISLBERGER OR PEYTON?…Mind you, I didn’t say who had a better image or better stats. We know that Peyton has a spotless image and his stats are unbeatable but who’s more effective? Who does enough to win? Who’s more valuable to their respective team? Is it Ben or Peyton? Is it even close? Would Peyton receive style points?

Peyton is 35 years old with one Super Bowl victory —  he’s 1-1 in the big game. Big Ben is only 29 years old and is 2-0 in the big game before his matchup with the Green Bay Packers. What does that say? Anything? Can you simply look at records or success so far or is it much more complex than that? 

Ben Roethlisberger from

Is Ben’s success partly attributed to the Steelers’ tough defense or strong and physical receivers? It could simply be that Ben has played on better teams so far in his career which helps to explain that he’s 2 for 2? Or is Ben really good at doing the intangibles and doing whatever it takes to win? Will this Sunday help us better explain about Ben’s legacy? 

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…My father used to claim that the “high five” celebratory gesture athletes used to do could potentially injury your star player and affect an actual game or a significant part of the season. Even though he claimed this could come to pass, neither of us could provide actual evidence to support his claim.  

In today’s NFL, players often will jump up and bump into one another. Is this more precarious than the “high five?” Could players injure their Achilles or hamstring by the “jump and bump butts” celebration? At least that’s what I think it’s called! Does it appear to be riskier than the “high five” more common years ago? Now that this is much more popular as a celebratory gesture, I’m wondering if my father will sing  a different tune, forget about the “high five” liability and claim the “jump and bump butts” celebration is the new liability for your star players.

SPEAKING OF CELEBRATIONS…With some much talk about so concussions in the NFL, maybe NFL and college players should think twice before they bang their helmets with a teammate while celebrating. The last thing players need is additional blows to the helmet even if it’s done with little velocity.

ALL SMART ANALYSTS IDENTIFY YOURSELF…When the New England Patriots traded Randy Moss to Minnesota, it appeared that at least HALF of all sports writers and commentators thought the Patriots were giving up on the season. In fact, I didn’t hear one sports commentator say that Bill Belichek knows what he’s doing and wants to win now!

So NE not only gets a draft pick from Minnesota but they’ll strengthen their team by eliminating a cancerous part. We all know that Randy Moss is an awesome talent although he was not fitting with NE any longer. Even though NE did not make it to the Super Bowl, they had the best record in the NFL at 14-2, and by all accounts, tried to bring a championship to New England. They certainly were not giving up on the season by trading Moss to the Vikings.

Sports Announcers from

Summarizing, I want to hear some, if not all those commentators and analysts who thought New England was sacrificing their season to publically admit they had misjudged the handling of the Randy Moss trade. It’s easy to jump on the “flavor of the month” and criticize NE without maybe knowing about all the goings on within the organization. There’s more than what meets the eye behind the scenes so maybe sometimes prudence should win out over immediately judging a situation without letting things play out.

A GREAT PLAY OCCURS ONLY AFTER A GREAT PLAY OCCURS…Announcers, you don’t always have to say how great someone is after they make a great play. A second grader can do that. Provide insight based upon your research and interviews that someone will make a great play or that the coaches will creatively get some of their playmakers involved in making a great play or changing the momentum of the game. Show some courage and intestinal fortitude by putting your reputation and insight on the line from time to time.

WILL ANYONE WHO QUESTIONED JAY CUTLER’S TOUGHNESS APOLOGIZE?…Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback received a lot of criticism for not being able to play in the 2nd half after injuring his knee. It may have been a combination of pain or ineffectiveness, but he didn’t play again. Many people  ripped and ridiculed Jay for not being tough enough or for being so casual on the sidelines. Look, how can you question someone’s toughness? How can you know how much pain they’re experiencing or whether the injury would affect their play? What would those fans say if he played on an injured knee but was ineffective? Would he still be booed or looked upon with disgrace? 

I think some of those fans, analysts, or current players who questioned his toughness should apologize.  They may have the platform to question his toughness but that doesn’t make it right. If those who questioned his toughness reflected honestly on what they said, some of them may have regrets with what they said early this week. Would you agree?  

Summary of Football Insight and Analysis (Continued)

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