Grocery Therapy-Part 2


BUY SOME FRUIT IN SEASON ONLY Buy grapes, strawberries, blueberries only in season. Resist the urge to buy blueberries in February, especially in the Northern climates. You’ll pay excessively for them. If you need frozen strawberries or blueberries, Trader Joe’s has them for a very competitive price. Don’t forget the Warehouse Clubs if you really like frozen fruit and don’t mind buying them in larger amounts.

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HANG UPSIDE DOWN FOR BANANAS Buy more bananas. At $.59 per pound, that’s pretty reasonable and healthy too.

APPLES If you can, buy apples on sale whenever possible. Strike when the iron is hot — find out which stores have really good apples and produce overall and from time to time, check out their sales and selection. The ideal is to visit an orchard (if you live near one) and buy a bushel or so.  Store in a fruit cellar or cover them with burlap in a garage where it gets cold but not too cold until late December. You could eat fresh, crispy apples from the orchard until Christmas or longer if you play your cards right.

VEGGIE BURGERS IN BULK? Buy veggie burgers in larger containers. Last time I checked, 4 veggie burgers at Target costs $4.24 (10 ounce container). If you buy them in a larger container at Costco or Sam’s Club, you can save a considerable amount of money. I purchased a larger container at Costco last week and it cost me $8.99 (56 ounce). That’s $1.61 per 10 ounce or a savings of 62% less if purchased in a larger container at a Warehouse Club.

CHEESEHEAD? If you or your family can’t live without cheese, consider purchasing cheese in 2-pound containers at Costco instead of in the 1/2 to 1 pound containers at the grocery store. You’ll pay between $2.25 and $2.50 per pound for fairly high quality cheddar or mozzarella cheese. Moreover, if shredded cheese is necessary, shred it yourself when you feel energetic.

NUTS ABOUT NUTELLA This product from Europe has been on the store shelves for several years and you can save substantial money buy knowing where to buy. If you purchase at the grocery store, the smaller size of Nutella will cost between $3-4. If you plan ahead and look for it at Costco, (not sure if Sam’s has this product), you can save a considerable amount. For example, the 26 ounce Nutella at Target is $5.99. At Costco, you pay $8.49 for 2 of the same containers. The total savings is $3.50 or $1.75 per container or a 29% savings. If your family really enjoys Nutella, you may want to consider purchasing this at a Warehouse Club.

GENERIC IN THE BREAD AISLE? Buy generic bread, bagels, buns and freeze whenever possible. Often, you can get store brand bread on sale or at warehouse clubs for substantially less money. Buy a handful at a time and save room in your freezer for some.

PROPEL IS OVER RATED Use half as much Propel. My daughters have been brainwashed to think they always need propel in their water bottle. Where have they heard this commercial propaganda?

BRAND SODA PURCHASING If you like or are addicted to brand soda, buy in large bottles or stock up during sales. Every month or two, Pepsi or Coke sells many of their products on sale so stock up accordingly.

PURCHASING RICE IN BULK Will help you save money. There are many varieties of rice that can be used to reduce expenses. If you willing to plan out your meals and not hurry prepared food, there can be significant savings too.

BULK UP ON CEREAL I can purchase GoLean Crunch or Organic Raisin Bran at Costco for less than $8 for over 50 ounces. Often, cereal can cost me $4 for a 16 to 20 ounce box. Consider buying it in larger containers — especially the cereal you love that you’ll eat regularly.

CONSIDER UNIT COST I purchased facial tissue at Costco yesterday and was surprised to find in some situations, Kleenex is your best buy if you are willing to select the large container. Often, generic or store brand products are less money than brand name items but comparing unit cost, the larger Kleenex container was the best deal. Be careful, because among the other sizes, your best value is store brand or Kirkland for your tissue needs.

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