Yell Or Shout If Shout Doesn’t Work

Shout, the stain remover, has been around for many years and may be a staple in most American homes. Frankly, I’ve had very little success with this product.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve tried Shout in a variety of situations with limited results. Over the years, I’ve actually believed their “commercial hype” over the effectiveness of their product. I’ve not seen many results. I tried different water temperatures and pre-treating clothes with Shout with very little success. I’ve tried excess amounts of Shout on stains with limited results.

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Listen, if a brand is more effective than the generic or a less expensive option, yes, then I’ll pay a little more for the product. Even if it costs twice as much, it’s all about results or value in the end. Obviously, it there’s no difference, why pay the additional cost between the generic and brand name?

Mind you, I’ve had this product in the laundry area of the house for at least 20 years. I just accepted the fact that it work. This isn’t something I’ve tried three times and then gave up.

Full disclosure, I grew up in Racine, WI where S.C. Johnson is headquartered and our family often used Johnson Wax products while growing up. In fact, as a child, our neighbor, who worked there, used to give us free products to sample. Most people in Racine liked the Johnson Wax brand and used many of their products. One could argue we received a lot of positive business propaganda about S.C. Johnson in and around Racine. Perhaps the strong branding I received growing up prevented me initially from realizing the ineffectiveness of Shout until later in life. It just doesn’t cut the mustard (so to speak).

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