Grocery Therapy-Part 1


ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATE instead of actual juice. Yes, it is somewhat of a manual process but will save you $1-1.50 per container.

FEWER WAFFLES even if your children insists on waffles, toast some of their favorite bread and add jam or syrup. If you must, buy generic or buy the brand name in a large container.

GENERIC OATMEAL IN PACKETS or better yet, buy the generic oatmeal in bulk and create your own packets. Some consumers can’t shake the Quaker (Oats) habit. If you’re interested in saving money, leave Quaker in the rear view mirror. Generic may taste slightly different but most can acquire a taste for it.


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GENERIC BRAND is the way to go as much as possible. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost but the money you save and the quality is roughly the same. If your focus is saving money, generic is your ticket.

STORE BRAND items should be seriously considered, regardless of where you shop. The savings may be up to 50-60% of a name brand item.

AVOID PRINGLES AS A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION when possible.  If you eat more than a handful of Pringles, there’s a good chance it may do a number on your stomach. There are a number of ingredients in Pringles not healthy for the human body. Besides, they are somewhat expensive at $2 per 6 ounces.

PRODUCE ORIENTED so try and buy produce. Especially from a reputable, produce store where it is not pre-packaged. As a reminder, as much as possible, shop around the periphery of the store to mitigate the damages when choosing groceries.

YOGURT IN 32 OUNCE is more economical than the smaller containers. This may only save you up to $.40 per large container but it’s more eco-conscious. Moreover, the large yogurt container can be reused for other purposes before it’s ultimately recycled.


SPROUTING is another alternative to provide organic and fresh nutrients in the household. Especially in the winter. It will require some planning and coordinating but can pay dividends in terms of being price and eco-conscious.

FEWER PIZZAS could be something else to consider. Learn to make the dough at home and buy the other pizza ingredients in a larger container.

FRENCH FRIES IN 5 POUND CONTAINERS when they are available to help supplement the meal on a pizza or burger night. It will mitigate the amount you spend as you’re filling up on a potato product and not just pizza. In addition, it adds variety and your oven is warm anyway from cooking the pizza.


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LIMIT CHIPS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE when grocery shopping. If you can’t help yourself regarding this category, show some flexibility and only buy when they are on sale or perhaps buy the store brand. At Target, Walmart or Costco, you can save substantial money when you buy store brand chips. If you’re flexible, there’s always brand name chips or snack foods on sale. Mind you, you have to be flexible with variety and not brand loyal.

MAKE A LIST OF TOP 2O FOODS that you regularly eat. Be on the look-out for these products not only when they are on sale but when it’s a significant sale. Stock up every so often where the sale items will last you until the next time there’s another sale.

PURCHASING BEANS OR GRAINS IN BULK will help you save money. If you willing to plan out your meals and not hurry prepared food, there can be significant savings too.

PANCAKES can make a nutritious snack and can be economical. Especially if you get the mix in a large container. Get the whole grain mix and make a large patch where you can refrigerate and reheat later. Adding fruit to the top adds flavor, nutrients and moisture.

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