When Is It Ok to Say “Great Question?”

When is it appropriate to say “great question?” We all have been at speeches or presentations where the speaker will always tell the questioner that it was a great question. Are you ever annoyed by this approach? Are all questions great questions? Are all guests great guests? Are all fans great fans?

If a question is asked at a lecture or speech that many in the audience wanted to hear, would it be considered a great question? Maybe it’s just a good question or an appropriate question at just the right time.

Lecture Hall image from Typejockeys.com

Couldn’t the instructor, presenter or lecturer say interesting question or thought provoking question instead of automatically saying “great question.” Sometimes, speakers don’t have an answer so they automatically say “good question.” They could say, can I get back to you on this one? Or, that’s a challenging question that I haven’t thought about before. Would that be more refreshing to hear from time to time?