Starbuck’s Interesting Benefits Offer

I got an email last week from a networking contact who now works at Starbuck’s as a manager. It appears she’s looking to do some recruiting – she mentioned there are some positions available at various Starbuck restaurants in Lake County. One of her goals as manager is trying to fill many of these positions at Starbuck’s. Don’t get me wrong, a job is a job is a job; especially for those who have been in transition for some time. One significant benefit of working at Starbuck’s is receiving medical benefits for full and part-time employees.

Honestly, I may consider the part-time experience too.

Starbuck's Logo from anythingbutipod website

My only question, what’s the job really like if the first comment about the potential job revolves around receiving medical benefits? I would suspect some in transition might take this job for a brief period just to get benefits but how is Starbuck’s benefitting in having someone work part-time for a few months? How can high turnover among part timers be good for operating costs and benefits administration? I’m not sure if this is sustainable but it is an interesting business model and it may provide a “competitive edge” over other cafes.

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