Segway Rentals At Millennium In Chicago

Last week, my family rented bicycles for the entire day at a rental facility at Millennium Park. Because we were conveniently located near the lakefront, we decided to ride bikes all day up and down the Chicago lakefront. Needless to say, it was fun and gave us the flexibility to visit many interesting sites with not too much effort.

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While we peddled, we saw groups of Segway riders traveling along the lake front and similar to what we were doing. Of course, because of their speed or safety constraints, they were limited with their speed so they didn’t have the range of an average cyclist. Regardless, I’ve often wondered if that’s the route to take when taking in some of the sites along the lakefront but I’ve since thought against it.

First, they all travel in groups so your freedom is limited. You can’t just go where you want to go. Second, they travel at such a slow speed; this might be too slow for my tastes. I’d rather sacrifice a little speed and travel via foot. Third, the Segway travelers didn’t look like they were having fun. Actually, they looked bored and disengaged. It looked like they were having as much fun as watching TV. Nothing against TV, but just not engaged. If I can use their demeanor as a sign, I would recommend those who are considering renting one of these Segways to give it serious consideration before you do it. On the other hand, try it for an hour to see if a half-day rental were something you would enjoy. If not, segue to another mode of transportation.

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