Roundabout At College Of Lake County?

During rush around on the Grayslake campus (Lake County, IL), you see many cars go up and down Lancer Lane from Washington Street and Brae Loch trying to get to class ASAP. This rush hour occurs in the morning, afternoon and evening corresponding to the busy class schedule on campus all day long.

There are a number of stop signs students confront on their way to the parking lot. During the busy times, you can sometimes see many cars backing up waiting their turn to stop at the 4 way stop signs on campus. So you have thousands of cars throughout the day stopping a number of times on their way to class.

Roundabout image from

Has the College of Lake County (CLC) ever considered a few roundabouts to handle this traffic flow? I know this is not terribly common in the Midwest or Lake County, but could this help traffic congestion? Obviously, roundabouts may be quite foreign to people although if it’s a possible improvement, let’s consider it. Besides, this could be a useful test for other communities seeing how well college and technical aged students  handle this new traffic configuration on campus. If CLC has not considered them, should they?

Roundabouts would slow down the cars to to help improve the traffic flow instead of stopping. Save mileage, time and improve the traffic flow. And who knows, having some roundabouts may improve their visibility and comfort level where they may appear elsewhere. 

Additional Notes Taken From This Image:

 1. Cars will travel in same direction so you eliminate head-on collisions and left turns (one of the most dangerous moves in an intersection).

2. No traffic lights or stop signs to divert the drivers’ attention. Roundabouts keep motorists focused on cars and pedestrians around them.

3. Because drivers are anxious about merging with roundabout traffic, they slow down, helping to reduce accidents.

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