Manage Restaurants By Walking Around

In some sit-down restaurants, you may see the manager make the rounds from time to time saying hello to the clients ensuring everything is OK. They want to ensure wine tastes good, clients are comfortable, and the food is great. I’m sure some restaurants do it for show although most are genuine and want to ensure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. If done right, this tool of walking around can help mitigate any bad experiences or memories one might have about the place.

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What about implementing this at Corner Bakery, Panera Bread, Einstein Bagels, places like that? Or at least use it from time to time? I know it might be overkill but who knows if these customers sitting in the restaurant are happy with the atmosphere, food or drink? You verify the coffee is tasty and hot. You ensure the music is not too loud or distracting. Is the temperature of the place just right. Restaurant and facilities clean and well maintained? Why not hand out comment cards too? Maybe these types of restaurants want to survey their clients to see if they’re interested in that sort of thing.

Remember, there’s a big difference between satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Satisfied customers may just come back again. Dissatisfied customers may complain and tell others. You want to control and keep that poison from spreading. Perhaps this type of programs can help limit the amount of customers who will spread negative news about your restaurant.

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If you’re proactive about any feedback your restaurant receives, you might be able to reduce any bad experiences people have. Of course people sometimes have a bad meal or there’s an issue – by the manager being available and interacting with patrons in the dining area, those issues might be controlled rather than taken out of context.