Is There A Disconnect After Providing Company Feedback

A few months ago, I ordered a water cooler from Air and Water in Santa Ana, CA. It was one of those online purchases you make but soon regret, especially after seeing the unit. The water cooler wasn’t as tall or nice looking as I wanted but I was OK with that. What I didn’t realize was regular, empty water bottles didn’t fit under the dispenser—how is that possible to buy a water cooler where water bottles didn’t fit for a refill? Anyway, I just decided to make the best of the situation.

Air and Water from

About one month after the purchase, Air and Water sends me a survey politely asking me if I wanted to provide them feedback. I immediately thought, what I great way to let them know my issues and concerns! I spent about 10 minutes completing the survey and adding some written comments to show my seriousness of the survey and replied to Air and Water. (It’s well known retailers and manufacturer’s find plenty of valuable in written comments so I tried to be as articulate as possible.) In fact, I even added that they could contact me if they had any questions.

Anyway, I never heard from Air and Water after completing the survey and about two months later, the hot water option quit working. I called Air and Water who outlined the process to get a replacement. Besides the lengthy process and return in the original box, I was surprised to hear I would have to pay shipping both ways. Wait, so I have to pay shipping to and from Air and Water for a non-functioning water cooler? Is this not their responsibility? It might cost me around $30 to ship both ways so I decided not to deal with them any longer. The only thing I promised to do is not to deal with this company ever again.

If Air and Water eventually loses market share, could it be due to selling some inferior water coolers or other appliances? Or for requiring customers to pay for shipping on not functioning units?

Remember, many customers (and even those who try to reach out) who are disappointed by a company’s products or service will simply take their business elsewhere. Will the company be able to connect the dots?