Combine Blood Work From Past Physicals Electronically

Every year, I get a physical exam and get blood work done as part of my physical. And every year, the doctor’s office personnel asks me if I want a copy of my blood work and every year I say yes. Therefore, I have individual (hard copies) of all my blood work results from the last 20 years. What to do with this documents? It would be nice to somehow integrate all the blood work from the last 20 years into a spreadsheet for a number of reasons:

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1. You could hold onto this for personal reasons to take a more proactive role in your health.

2. Your doctor may want to consult this too when you come in for a physical. Would seeing blood work trends help them in any way? Would this supplemental information be useful or not?

This idea would not be a substitute for healthy living or regular doctor visits – simply a supplement. It would be another thing doctors consider besides physical exams, blood work and other medical procedures.

I’ve heard that electronic medical records being implement might incorporate this feature. Could this be useful at all in today’s medical field?