I’m The Customer, Please Don’t Insult Or Embarass Me

Sometimes when I visit a hardware store and ask a few questions of the hardware folks, I may get weird or quizzical stares. Look, I don’t have all the lingo or terminology so my descriptions of things would not make the Hardware Hall of Fame but I’m doing my best. Whether you make a snarky comment or give me a look like I’m hardware challenged, I’m not amused.

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Same thing about the local bike store. You don’t have to correct my bicycle terminology to make me feel like I have to consult my old bicycle manual before I visit. My bad if I can’t tell you the difference between a Schrader and Presta tube valve or it’s beyond my level of expertise to determine if the bicycle frame is made out of aluminum or titanium. Just go with the flow and help make my bi-annual visit to your store pleasurable – when another cyclist asks me where I service my bicycles, I will not hesitate when mentioning your store. Besides, regardless of this store costing a little more, I want to shop local as much as possible even if it costs a little more.

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Kevin Schwarm

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  1. Good read. Thanks for this.