Is There A Better Way?


It’s November 8 and I hear my first snow blower commercial since last winter. It’s the good people at Toro advertising trying to convince hard working Midwesterners that now is the right time to buy your new snow blower.

Their theme revolves around the fact that last winter, you back, feet and brain took a beating with all that snow. If you know what’s good for you, get a snow blower to avoid that pain. Fair enough.

If you properly shovel snow, and have years of experience doing it, it’s not your back and feet and brain that should be suffering. First, how does your brain get a break? You still have to brave the cold…it’s not like you don’t have to drive in the stuff or remove it from your driveway if you purchase a snow blower.

Toro Snow Blower from Google Images

In terms of other body parts, if your back and feet hurt after shoveling snow, you’re probably not shoveling correctly. You need to lift with your legs as much as possible to avoid your back from hurting. Once in a blue moon, my back may hurt as a result of shoveling and I’ve been shoveling for over 30 years. I can see other body parts hurting from time to time, including my forearms or elbows from the weight of heavy snow but my brain and feet?

Maybe accuracy is not important to Toro with this commercial. You mention cold, snow and pain and a way to eliminate it for a price and you have just the right tool to deal with the harsh Midwestern winter. Or maybe their market research shows that most people don’t properly shovel snow and often have pain in the feet, back and brain as a result. Or maybe they hope many shovelers improperly shovel snow – that may help with snow blower sales.

I will say one thing about Toro, when someone mentions a snow blower or snow thrower, you think of Toro regardless of their latest ads? Their brand awareness is very high when it comes to this line of product.

What do you think of Toro or this type of ad? Does the exaggeration or lack of accuracy bother you?


I work in an educational institution and about 4 months ago, I noticed the Dasani vending container was out of service. At first glance I took note and was glad there was a sign indicating it was not operational at that point.

About a week later, I noticed the machine had not been fixed. No big deal. Another week went by and still no functioning Dasani machine. Another week and another week…still no functioning machine. It’s been about 4 months and still no functioning machine.

Are clients bothered that this machine is inoperable? Has anyone noticed this besides me? Was this machine used much prior to the out of service notice?

Dasani Dispenser from Google Images

From a eco-perspective, how much electricity has been expended on a non-functioning machine? Someone has to be pay for licensing for that machine.

If the machine is not fixed shortly, will the Dasani water still be fresh? In other words, is there an expiration date on the water bottles?


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