Penny Wise And Dollar Foolish-Part 3

My neighbor’s son, who’s a teenager, recently purchased a laptop computer. He has a part-time job and has worked hard saving up money to buy his first computer. For confidentially sake, we’ll call him Jeremy Schultz. For the most part, he’s enjoyed his new toy. Unfortunately, after purchasing his new laptop, Mr. Schultz did not install anti-spyware or virus protection. Not sure if he was trying to save money, time or didn’t worry about online protection.

A month or two after owning his device, Mr. Schultz decided to save a few dollars by visiting a free music site. His thinking, “What would it hurt to download a few songs and save a few bucks?” Yes, it is unlawful but everyone’s doing it, especially my peers, so what’s the big deal.

Unfortunately, his choice of a free music site was filled with viruses and worms, and he contracted at least one computer virus. The virus was quite insidious as it acted like anti-virus software trying to get him to pay for an upgrade to his system even though it was a trick trying to secure his credit card information. He felt it was quite terrifying, nothing he’s experienced before – especially on his new PC. Needless to say, Mr. Schultz was not happy and anxious to get this fixed.

Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish from Schwarm Images

I did my good deed for the Schultz family by fixing Jeremy’s PC. Because this scenario was unique to me, it took hours to fix. Unfortunately, he still has a bad profile on his PC but he has full functionality under each and every other profile. We’re happy this story has a happy ending.

Essentially, Mr. Schultz saved about $3 by downloading music from this site. The hidden costs could have easily been a few hundred dollars — with at least 3 to 4 hours of technical support. Jeremy’s father was fortunate I was able to help. I ask you, would this scenario qualify for the penny wise and dollar foolish club? I think Jeremy learned his lesson and I suspect he’ll think twice or three times before visiting these “so called” free music sites. Hopefully, he’ll pass along his nightmare to his classmates.

Remember the saying, There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


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