Excelling In Service To Your Customers-Part 4

Shopping for Glasses at Costco

What do you do when you’re waiting to be served at Costco Optical in Lake Zurich, IL? Even though there were a number of customers that needed service, Rose, a National Certified Optician kept her cool and sense of humor. While my daughter and I waited, we could see Rose’s co-worker clearly needed a break and Rose’s response was to remain calm and take “deep breaths” until there was time for a break.

Costco was having a sale, 30% off the second pair of glasses. Kids’ glasses are roughly $100 a pair so taking advantage of this special was worthwhile – especially with kids who may be tough on glasses.

Rose mentioned this matter of factly – she wasn’t pushy, she just stated the fact Costco was having a special. She had a way about herself, knowing what to say and how to say it. Rose was friendly with a sense of humor and had a customer centric approach written all over her face. I guess having 30 years in this business has helped her perfect how to deal with customers of all kinds.

After my daughter had decided on what pairs she wanted, she asked me if I wanted glass cleaner and my response was “I still have some from Sears from 10 years ago” she giggled. (I wasn’t going to automatically say yes without knowing the price). Coincidentally, when we were talking about eyeglass cleaner, a former optical customer came by with an empty bottle. She asked Rose for a refill. I said, “Come on Rose, that’s not possible, this must be staged.” Rose assured me that this customer was real and random, you not only have unlimited refills but lifetime unlimited refills.” Something special from Costco and new to me. FYI, the glass cleaner kit is $4.98, which includes a screwdriver to tighten glasses. At that price, I was tempted to buy two but what’s the point with unlimited lifetime refills.

Towards the end of our service, she noticed I also suffered from myopia and asked me if I was due for a new pair. Because of my prescription and age, my glasses may be much more than $100 even though the eye exam would stay the same at $49. I kidding told Rose “I could get a better price elsewhere.” You could see her eyes widen. She said, “According to Consumer Reports, Costco has the best price. As I shrugged as if to say she was kidding, she found the Consumer Reports (CR) article displaying why Costco is ranked #1 for Optical Service. I was impressed and briefly scanned the article. Before I could ask her for a copy, she said, “I’ll make you a copy to help you make up your mind.”

According to the CR article, Costco rates well due to quality follow up service and pricing. And she knows the majority of Costco shoppers love value so Rose is not shy about convincing shoppers about the value and convenience that Costco optical has to offer.

Mind you, finding glasses for your daughter is a stressful event – especially if this is her first optical purchase. Regardless, the shopping experience at Costco optical was painless and pleasant. Moreover, I learned a thing or two about the service. Will I go back? Or, will I recommend the optical service at Costco? It goes without saying…based on my experience and the consumer article.

BTW, we’ll be called and texted when my daughter’s glasses are ready. Just one way to provide a painless follow up service.

Magazine was ShopSmartmag.org, December 2010. Costco tied for 1st Price (1). Quality, follow up service, and pricing. Fewer problems that required a return fix, like lose lenses, or blurred vision. Less selection than other providers. Independent shops tied for first. Great Selection (1), knowledgeable staff, and personal choice. Quality and follow up.

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