Excelling In Service To Your Customers-Part 3

Customers may be frustrated or upset about a product or service, which could be further exacerbated by having to leave a voicemail message.

Have a mirror by your phone so when you pick up the phone, you can verify you’re smiling. Customers can sense if and when you’re smiling. A mirror might be a gentle reminder that your mood is not exactly where it needs to be in order to provide strong customer service.

When your customers participate in a pilot or test case, be appreciative and thankful of their efforts and commitment. Asking the right questions might allow you to ascertain why they’re participating. If possible, see how they can benefit as well.

When applicable, having an appreciation dinner or event bodes well for customers feeling good but it also exposes customers to your other clients. If you’re a client, it might assure you that others you see too value your provider. You certainly have things in common to those other clients you’d see at the gathering.

If you purchase an item from your supplier, do not make it difficult to return. In addition, if you know a part or product is defective, and your customer had it shipped, don’t make the customer pay for shipping. That’s a quick way of permanently alienating the customer from your business.

Most consumers will choose easy over paying a few more dollars. If you can save a buck but the online process is cumbersome or complex, how much are you really saving?

At the point of asking for feedback, are you ready to accept each piece of feedback? Even the stuff that may be very critical of your service or something about your business that’s true but you may not want to hear?

If someone calls you and is frustrated and says this is the 3rd time they’ve tried to do something with your company, empower yourself to do the necessary work to help get their problem addressed. Make a note to follow up in a day or two to ensure it will be addressed.

Sometimes, stores will give you a lot of information about a product. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to mull it over by discussing it. Different people learn or handle things differently. By hearing and discussing, this may assist me in processing the necessary information to make an effective decision.

Customer Focused

People are more likely to remain loyal if they find it easy to do business with you. They don’t want to remain loyal for loyalty sake there has to be a valid purpose for remaining loyal.

It’s critically important to accept that a complaint is also an opportunity for change.

Figure out what customers are really saying, what they really want.

Realize that many customers who go through the trouble of complaining are usually interested in giving you a chance to do things right.

Thank clients for their business to make them feel valued– it’s always feels good to hear “thank you.”

Sometimes, it’s crucial you have a face to face conversation especially if most of the conversations occur on the phone

If performance fails analyze whether a process is at fault or it’s a performance issue.

Imagine you being the actual customer. Even beyond empathy.

Remember, that all your customers want is a good deal.

Customers will have requirements: there are some “must haves” or “would be nice to haves”

Everytime you walk by a mirror, smile and smile again. If you continue to do this, you will make that positive association everytime you see a mirror. It can only have a positive effect on your life.