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Recently, my daughter had braces put on her teeth and prior to this, my wife had taken her to the same orthodontist for pre-work for the last 3 years. We will call him Dr. O. According to my wife, when she speaks with other parents about Dr. O, they have nothing but positive things to say professionally and personally. In addition to his easy going personality, he’s approachable and has the customer centric approach with parents and his younger clients. He’s involved in local charities, conveniently located near downtown Libertyville, Illinois and has a friendly demeanor. Interestingly, Dr. O has a very large and loyal following although he does very little traditional advertising.

A few years ago, we took our daughter to Dr. O for an oral review – to see if or when she may need braces in the future. Eventually, we knew it was only a matter of time. Dr. O has seen my daughter at least 4-5 times during that span – including twice x-rays and bi-annual visits to review when braces might be necessary. All of these visits and services were done without charge. When it was time to do orthodontia work on her teeth, do you think it took long to decide?

Excel in Service

Excel in Service

What makes him remarkable? He successfully builds his business over time. He isn’t focused on just making money or short term gain or profits – his focus is service with a smile. Most of his young clients can feel his caring and friendly approach. Even if his payoff is a few years down the line, he’s doing what he believes in building a loyal following and developing relationships. Based upon his successful business, he’s done well with this approach. He has a good reputation and is creating a unique brand all without much traditional advertising.

I think his orthodontia practice is primarily about helping people and providing value to current and future clients. It’s about educating clients on when and how to address their particular orthodontia issue. It’s about making a difference and caring. His prices may be slightly above average but with his current model, how many of his current clients are fretting about price or even noticing it. He knows for the most part, people will see value in this service mode and approach. He has fulfilled a niche market in Libertyville and has a loyal following – mostly through “word of mouth” endorsements.

There are some consumers in the Libertyville area who’ll haggle over prices and only worry about the financial costs. For those consumers, Dr. O is probably not the right choice. For others, who enjoy the service approach, receive fair value, and accept and encourage word of mouth recommendations, he just might be the right provider for orthodontia work in this area.

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