What Does This Customer Really Want?

A golf friend of mine has a business selling insurance and financial products. Let’s call him John. John’s an independent contractor representing Wilson Financial. My friend tells a story of a customer who came to him about 6 months ago requesting good customer service. Apparently, this customer had originally worked with another advisor at Wilson who did not take customer service very seriously. His original agent would never return his calls, rarely want to review his portfolio and didn’t appear to care. This client really wanted to stay with Wilson Financial but was looking for a professional who really cared.

Interestingly, this customer was in luck and came to the right person – John is customer centric, helps where he can and loves to go above and beyond for his customers. Therefore, it appears to be a good match – a client who really wanted his insurance agent to focus on service and John ready to oblige.

So far, things have gotten off to a rough start. John had to call his new client 4 times before he was able to schedule an appointment. Once the appointment was scheduled, the new client didn’t show. Initially, my friend was befuddled. He didn’t know what to think. Apparently, the new client’s wife didn’t tell him about the appointment. In fact, the new client had to reschedule one more time before they actually met. The client so far has not been completely cooperative during the initial stages and John is aware and is doing what he can to improve the relationship.

He really wants to show his new client that his service model focuses on all his customers. John’s mantra is he practices what he preaches but it’s been quite challenging so far. That doesn’t mean he’ll give up, it just means he may have to b a little more focused to assure this new client he’s there for him.

Do customers have responsibilities too? At some point, do they have to return phone calls? Is the onus always on the agent or provider to reach them or eventually do clients need to work and cooperate with their professionals? At some point, would not both the professional and their client have to agree and establish certain guidelines in their professional relationship to help ensure success? Because of my friend’s tenacious nature, on and off the golf course, he will not give up even though he’s unexpectedly experienced some challenges so far with this client.