Customer Service At A Badger Game?

Some casual and fancy purses were are all lined up in a pile outside Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin. Apparently, these purses were too large to be allowed in the Badger football stadium so women formed a neat row of purses outside the stadium hoping the purses would be there when they returned after the game.

In full disclosure, my wife and daughter placed their purses along this pile in the 2nd quarter of the Badger-Gopher game on October 10, right after the police had gone through the pile with specially trained security canines. They figured the police just made the rounds and determined all purses were not a security risk so it’s a good time to place their purses in this group. You see, unfortunately their purses were larger than the 8.5 by 11 inch guideline so they figured a group of empty purses together were more secure than just a small group of two purses.

About 45 minutes later, while the game moved into the 3rd quarter, my wife took a peek from inside the stadium to see if the pile of purses was still intact and noticed the entire pile was gone. This was a major shock to my daughter as her stylish purse was purchased in Venice, Italy and had sentimental value too. Once they realized what occurred, they lost much of their team spirit and decided to leave the game. As they left, they asked vendors near the original purse pile what happened. The response was, “The police came by and grabbed all purses to be discarded.”

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What is worse, getting your purse stolen after it was hidden or having it cleaned up by the police? Does it matter? Do you still feel violated? From their experience, they felt their purses were disregarded and discarded.

A number of purses were all lined up and were swooped up by the police… Wouldn’t security or the police question why these purses (some rather nice) were all neatly lined up all sitting aside one another? Maybe connect the dots? I’m guessing this occurs every Badger home game; wouldn’t any police official attempt to act on behalf of those who were unable to bring their purses in the stadium? Has this crossed anyone’s mind? Or is it the “it’s not my job” mentality?

Look, this purse guideline is stated on the UW website so it was communicated online but how do you reach those non-football fans who attend a game every 5-10 years? They had no idea there was a size limitation; if any of those purse owners had, would they have subjected their purses to possible removal by the officials or risked them being stolen?

The University should have a contingency plan regardless of how well it’s communicated. You will always have fans who exceed these guidelines.

Sometimes, it’s not done blatantly. If your organization holds firm on all these rules and requirements, then perhaps consider giving fans alternatives — especially those who have travelled a few hours from out of town.

One alternative might be to provide lockers for those who bring a backpack or large purse to the stadium? $1 per hour or $5 for every 6 hours. After the purses are searched for security reasons, the purse owner could have a secure place to put your valuables that are not allowed in the stadium. Why wouldn’t Wisconsin football provide an option for those unfamiliar with the carry-in or purse policy? They have lockers for your valuables at the U.S. Capital; maybe large sports venues should consider it? Any reason not to make it more customer centric?

Their experience was anything but positive at the Badger game. Once they realized the purse policy before entering the stadium, they scrambled trying to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, traffic was very heavy forcing them to park about a 30 minute walk away from the stadium so not much of an option — especially if you want to see most of the game. They asked vendors, security personnel, ticket takers where they could place their purses but it appeared no one wanted to be bothered. It was as though they were saying, “This is not my problem lady!” Their last idea was to catch a taxi outside the stadium back to the car without worrying about the expense but no one seemed to know or care where they could hail a cab.

Why would Camp Randall security check your large purse or bag for items not permitted in the stadium and then proceed to measure it? Some purses are too large so it’s pointless to do a security check before the measurement. Measurement first and then if it’s within the guideline you do a security check. Otherwise, why do a security check if it’s not allowed?

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