How to Maximize this Job Search Tool — LinkedIn

I had the opportunity to hear JD Gershbein at the Employment Ministry at The Chapel in Libertyville recently share his LinkedIn expertise with the group. JD is CEO of Owlish Communications and is one of the top LinkedIn experts in the world. I’ve enclosed a summary of his presentation.


24 by 7 document. It could be always working on your behalf.
According to J.D., it’s written in a 3rd person narrative (more from an omniscient perspective).
Add value where you can before you attempt to promote your product or service. Create favorable impressions.
Add positive energy and humanity.
Focus on future.

Leveraging LinkedIn?

Cover myself as part of my profile as someone covering a story.
You need to tell your story in the 3rd person narrative, which is interesting and captivating.
LinkedIn is about you branding yourself in the most favorable light.

Why should I hire you? Respond to this in the second main section under Specialties.
This is where you need to add all your key words to help place you in the most favorable light by recruiters looking for people with a unique skill set. Think about your UVP.

Do you want to meet someone first before you connect?
Are you comfortable adding someone to your network after speaking with them over the phone?
Are you a closed networker or open networker?
What is your LinkedIn tolerance? Per day? Per week or per month?
Do you mind if you have not met or don’t know half your contacts?
Do you mind if often you cannot help someone with networking because you don’t know some of your contacts very well so it’s hard to recommend some of your contacts?

According to J.D, some members just listen to group discussion for insight and value but don’t actively participate.
Informal Linkedin protocol says one must first create or add value before promoting oneself.

J.D. looks at recommendations as a very important component of your profile.
It’s quality not quantity. You want each recommendation to stand out.
You may recommendations from peers, former bosses’, direct reports.
Integrity based recommendation is golden.
Revolve around strengths and integrity in terms of recommendations.

Play around and experiment with the Search feature to ensure it becomes a useful tool.
Search yourself, search keywords or friends or former colleagues or classmates.
Keep playing with it. Search a former classmate who lives in Chicago, works for Company A, and is working in IT.

Broadcast updates through your network when you have some of value to share.
Insert your profile URL on business card, resume, handbill, e-mail signature.
Join Groups. Consider being active with certain groups and post or answer questions.
Make sure there is integrity in your network especially the #1 connections.

Keyword your LinkedIn profile strategically.
Connect with well-connected individuals.
Assert thought leadership when building profile.

Pay it forward.
Personalize all correspondence.
Be politically correct always.
Create value in the interactive space before you promote yourself.
Send a short personal note after accepting an invitation.

Success on LinkedIn is directly proportional to the Power and Reach of your LinkedIn profile.
Home page feed is gold!
It’s important to have an organically grown network.
Once you build your LinkedIn foundation, you can add on and build your brand moving forward.


Kevin Schwarm

I have over 25 years of professional experience in business, information technology (IT), and customer service. Industry experience in retail, medical insurance, higher education, non-profit, financial services, and property and casualty insurance. Customer focused professional interested in providing value (save time, money and aggravation) by evaluating and analyzing information, services and products with a unique perspective.