A Very Positive Car Shopping Experience


My wife and I purchased a Toyota Camry from Libertyville Toyota in mid-August. We originally visited Libertyville Toyota in May as we were just casually shopping for a 4-door sedan. Not sure exactly what make we wanted, we continued to visit a number of dealerships in the area. Once we decided to purchase a Toyota in Libertyville, our sales representative was Paul Handler.

Both my wife and I liked Paul he was friendly and well qualified to sell vehicles. Our car shopping experience was a process which occurred over a series of months so we were going to take our time trying to find the right vehicle. Regardless, Paul graciously worked with us during the entire process and wasn’t at all bothered when we’d drop in and want to “chat” or learn more about what was available.

Paul was also very knowledgeable about cars – not only Toyota’s but other vehicles too. I enjoyed the way he was always patient and answered all of our questions. His patience also applied to test-driving vehicles – we test drove at least seven different vehicles on 4 different occasions. Did not matter if we looked at new or used vehicles; Paul was the utmost professional who was there to service us.

Not once during the entire process did I feel any high-pressure sales tactics from Paul. This was a welcomed relief! Obviously, he was in the business of selling cars and wanted to make a sale, however, he was willing to work with us individually after he got to know us and understood our needs.

Another positive aspect of our car shopping experience was how well we were treated by the sales people Libertyville Toyota. Regardless of your question or automobile knowledge, they were there to answer your questions and serve you. This is reassuring during a process that sometimes can be stressful and unpleasant.

I appreciated Paul sending me a birthday card in late August. Again, unnecessary but a nice touch!

Before we finalized our Camry purchase, my wife referred her client to Paul Handler. Within a few weeks of that referral, her client purchased a 2011 Toyota Camry. Does it make sense in the car business to be the utmost professional to all potential clients or prospects you meet?

In the near future, when someone asks me about purchasing a reliable vehicle, with good service at a good value, what will I say?

Will I recommend Libertyville Toyota and in particular, Paul Handler?