Is Roger Goodell’s approach to the NFL unique among major league commissioners? (Part 2)

Currently, there’s a 16 game regular season and a 4 game preseason. Most dedicated football fans feel adjustments should be done to the current schedule. Debate varies on what that should look like. Do you take 2 games away from the preseason and add them to the regular season, making the regular season 18 games? (How would the players feel about that?) Or maybe keeping the regular season like it is and simply removing 2 games from the preseason?What’s the best course of action?

Regardless, there are many issues to address before this becomes a reality but Commissioner Goodell is encouraging discussion on this issue for possible changes. It appears he’s not compelled to do this but is taking a leadership role to see if this could become reality in the next few years. Maybe this is too big a gamble for his administration? Does he have more to lose or gain by expanding the season to 18 games? Who knows if the 18 game season is the right solution? Who’s to say the 16 game season is not the ideal? Would some former NFL commissioners leave well enough alone and not take that risk?

Changing the format the NFL football season is a significant change, which will not happen over night. This change will not occur without a lot of debate and criticism of his office but I will give him credit for taking on this issue. This decision is ultimately about money but he appears to be taking a leadership position on this issue even if it damages his reputation.

In March of ’10, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a signal that he favors the new overtime rule for the playoffs, which had been previously proposed by the powerful Competition Committee.

Mind you, over the last few years, there has been plenty of criticism and intense media scrutiny over the current overtime system. It appears Mr. Goodell is listening to NFL teams, fans, and media that the current system may be broken or in need of major repair. He knows there’s no such thing as a perfect system. However, he is attempting to “tweak” things to arrive at a more even system. He’s trying to design a system to be appealing to the fans. In addition, his goal is to ensure the rules will help maintain the integrity of the game.

Even though the change will only apply to the playoffs during the 2010 season, I’m not sure it goes far enough. I think the new policy should apply to the regular season as well. For that matter, why not include the preseason to get teams used to the new rule? Even if this new rule applied to the entire regular season and playoffs, it would take a while to iron out any issues. Perhaps he didn’t get behind this policy because he knew there were only enough votes to change the overtime policy for the playoffs and not the regular season? If things go well this year, perhaps they apply this rule to the regular season too?

Commissioner Goodell is very concerned about the NFL brand. Therefore, he’s taken a very active role with those NFL players who hurt their teams with their off the field behavior. On a number of occasions, he’s suspended players who have been either arrested for serious crimes or have engaged in questionable behavior. In addition, these punishments are handed out swiftly but are these suspensions done consistently?

It’s not easy to monitor about 50 players on 31 NFL teams–there are over 1500 players he and his staff have to watch to ensure all these players act professionally and in accordance to the guidelines of professional football.

As many football people know, the New York Giants and Jets share the same football stadium. This year, they each will play in a brand new stadium. One key question is which team will open the new stadium as both teams want to be the team to open up at home.

To decide, Commissioner Goodell decided a coin toss (with neither team present) would decide what team would have the honor. I believe this approach is a sensible and down to earth approach. It’s simple and fair and will decide whether the Jets or Giants play the first regular season game in their new football stadium.

Some sports analysts say Commissioner Goodell really wants the 18 game season but will not yet put it to a vote among all NFL teams. These analysts say Mr. Goodell with politic behind the scenes in order to get the necessary amount before he’ll publicly ask for a vote on this issue.

It appears Mr. Goodell will try to limit the number of downs he uses in order to have success and eventually score a touchdown on this issue.