Why Did Costco Stop Sending Me Store Coupons?

Yesterday, we paid Costco (Lake Zurich) a visit to do our monthly shopping. Prior to shopping, we stopped by the service desk to inquire on any available coupons. You see, over the last few years, we received Costco coupons in the mail every 6 weeks or so. We began to rely on these coupons and it was another way to help us save money on cosmetic and grocery items at Costco. For whatever reason, this service had been stopped. Therefore, as we were leaving, my wife and inquired on what happened to our account.

The response from the service desk said other customers have been complaining over the last month or so about not receiving Costco coupons and magazines. As usual, the customer service reps at Costco were very helpful and added our account information back to the database. I kidded her by saying if she could hit Enter “a number of times” to ensure our account information had been updated.

As I drove home, I wondered how this could be mitigated. If customer reps at the Lake Zurich Costco had been hearing about this issue from time to time, what actions were taken? Did the various service desk reps compare notes at some point over the last month? At what point would a store rep or store manager inquire with Home Office and were other stores nationwide affected too? Sounds like a customer service opportunity to get ahead of this ASAP and get it corrected for all members.


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