End The Redundancy Madness

How many times have you completed an online form or done online shopping and felt like things were redundant? You type in your street address, city and state and still the provider/system needs your zip code. Why? Why is their database not programmed to determine your zip code after you have added all other address information?

Form from Hoax-Slayer website

Better yet, why not reverse engineer this process so you are asked your 5 digit zip code after you complete your street address? Once you add your street address, zip code, the city and state should automatically be completed. In a few situations where the street address and zip code could not produce the city and state, you would be prompted. This would be the exception (being asked) rather than the rule.

Is it a big deal? Probably not. Would it streamline and simplify the online form process?  It’s just a thought?