Rest Stop And Information Area Blues

I was traveling with my family through Central Illinois on Interstate 57 in early January 2010 and stopped by a rest stop to use the facilities. Luckily, this rest stop also was an information center and we were interested in a weather forecast, as the weather looked ominous heading north. As we entered the rest stop, we saw two state workers behind the counter viewing monitors that displayed current weather conditions. Seeing this, we asked about the inclement weather traveling north (home). They had no idea. What, no idea of weather conditions heading north? I thought, how this can be, considering it is early January and any weather is possible. Even though they had access to current and future weather conditions (with a little effort), they didn’t bother to gather that information to assist northbound travelers.

A Few things

1. If they had access to that technology and information, would not their own curiosity prompt them to get an occasional update for those traveling north (anyone stopping at rest stop)? What else were they doing?

Maybe they were strictly maintenance employees who had the keys to the weather monitoring stations?

2. Perhaps they were not terribly curious and were not at all customer focused. During tumultuous weather (and after six or so travelers had asked them about the forecast) would not one of them think about getting an updated on changing weather conditions northward?

3. Would not night time travel in early January as the temperature hovered around freezing warrant these state employees to pay attention to serve their clients?

My 17-year-old daughter remarked that they were not doing their job. If she could see it, why didn’t they?