Southwest Airlines Excelling At Service

At the Mitchell International in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Southwest Airlines provides adults a temporary gate pass to assist minors at the gate who are under the age of 14. What a customer centric approach! I don’t know if all airlines provide this feature but I certainly appreciated this touch. This is something which was not permitted a few years ago when 9/11 was still a vivid memory. By getting a free gate pass, this enabled me to assist my daughter yesterday in finding the gate and explaining the next steps of the process to her. I have learned that the airline Midwest Express out of Mitchell has done this too in the past.

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  1. FYI, I saw the 2009 Illinois Travel Guide on a coffee table at a public institution and guess who was on the cover? Yes, it was Abraham Lincoln's picture on a Travel Guide in Illinois for the year 2009. Unbelievable!

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