Review of the Rancho Grande Restaurant in Libertyville, Illinois

Rancho Grande, ‎513 East Park Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048-2808 Ambience

We were seated in a crowded part of the restaurant although we were grateful to be seated in a booth. I had been there a few years prior where we were seated in an airy room with a lot more space. We visited Rancho on a bright sunny spring day and the contrast to a crowded, dark restaurant was noticeable.

Free Appetizers
You could tell the chips had spent too much time cooking in oil, as they were very heavy and dark in color. Quick tip: if you want to avoid stomach issues, minimize the amount of chips you eat. The salsa and bowl of veggies that came with the chips were very tasty.

Our Meals
My friend ordered the chicken burrito. She really liked it and could not finish the dish. Sounds like she would order this dish again. Being a vegetarian, I would have wanted to order a veggie burrito at Rancho Grande but I didn’t see this on the menu.

I ordered a veggie fajita. Considering my dietary choice, I often see limited options in most Mexican restaurants. Regarding my veggie fajita, the primary veggies on this fajita were onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers with a few small pieces of mushrooms. I don’t commonly eat Mexican but when I do, but I’d really opt for more vegetable options besides peppers, onions, and tomatoes. The sauce was very spicy and flavorful. The server recommended flour tortillas over the corn tortillas and they were fine. Meal came with three small tortillas – I ordered a few more to help me finish the tasty sauce still left on my plate.
My friend ordered a 26-ounce margarita, which was one of the primary reasons why we stopped by Rancho Grande. The cost of this margarita was $9.50, which I thought, was a little expensive for this type of restaurant (maybe they used expensive tequila). Regardless, the margarita was flavorful but they may have forgotten the tequila as my friend (who rarely drinks alcohol) could not feel any effects from the margarita.
I ordered coffee with my meal but apparently, they were completely out of coffee that evening. I settled on sprite, as their soft drink selection was quite limited. They did refill my sprite once after I asked for a refill.
They quickly took our order and served our meal. We were able to get in and out of Rancho Grande within 45 minutes without a problem. Very little wait to be served or to pay at end of meal. My friend’s dish was tasty. The sauce on my vegetarian fajita was very good. Friendly service.
The ambience is nothing special so in my opinion, you’re going to this restaurant primarily for the food. Being a vegetarian, I found very few things on the menu and limited veggies on my vegetarian fajita. Chips served as an appetizer were too heavy with oil for my taste. Cost of margarita was high ($9.50) considering it contained very little tequila.
I had to chuckle when they asked me if we wanted dessert after we finished our meal. Prior to that meal, I had never been asked at a Mexican restaurant if I wanted dessert (besides a sweet drink). We declined, as we were not familiar with their dessert menu.
Overall Rating
2.75 Out of 5
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