Review of Replacing Old Refrigerator

Hopefully, most people will not have to go through this process more than a few times during their adult lives — especially considering that many homes purchased include appliances like the refrigerator. Ideally, it is recommended to choose a day or time of year with cooler temperatures (if possible) when shopping for a new refrigerator. In my situation, delivery was scheduled between 2 and 4 pm. I’m fortunate to have a basement freezer, which gives me some flexibility to shift things between units if necessary.

If you order a refrigerator, which may take a few weeks to be delivered, you can reduce your work as much as possible by using up as many things in the refrigerator and freezer before the new one is delivered. If you can reduce the contents by 50 to 75%, it will make the food transfer process much easier.

Materials Required:
Cooler, plastic bins, cleaning rags, bucket of soapy water, garbage, broom, tape measure, cardboard, old blankets, and extra freezer (ideal).

1. Because the delivery window was scheduled between 2 and 4 pm, I felt like 1 pm would be a good time to begin. I consolidate the basement freezer to allow extra freezer items from the old refrigerator. Throw away anything old or with freezer burn.

2. Empty old refrigerator’s freezer. Throw away anything old or with freezer burn.

3. Move some of the less common freezer items to basement freezer.

4. Keep rest of freezer items in plastic bin nearby. Cover with old blanket or cardboard to add insulation.

5. Move to the cooler section and review contents in old refrigerator. Remove and throw away (and recycle when applicable) items that are no longer edible.

6. Using a large portable cooler and plastic bins, remove roughly half the items from the old refrigerator. Put these items which I’ll call highly perishable refrigerated items (HPRIs) in cooler.

7. Move old refrigerator from original location to clean area behind refrigerator. Sweep area and clean floor and walls with damp rag. Let area dry.

8. Turn off basement water to ice maker.

9. Now it is 2 pm and I receive a call the delivery will occur with 30 minutes. At this point, I unplug the old refrigerator.

10. I proceed to empty rest of the items or less perishable refrigerated items (LPRIs) from old refrigerator. Place items in plastic bins.

11. From back of old refrigerator, I remove the water line.

12. Delivery of the new refrigerator has arrived. I decide with delivery men which route to take when removing old refrigerator. Same route will apply to delivering new one.

13. Once the route has been determined, remove new refrigerator from truck to front of house. Do necessary measurement of new refrigerator to ensure it will fit in designated spot.

14. Remove old refrigerator through designated route. Leave old refrigerator temporarily next to new refrigerator near front of house.

15. Bring in new refrigerator. Attach new water line for ice maker and water dispenser.

16. Turn on water (in basement) and test to ensure water supply is working properly.

17. If OK, put new refrigerator in correct position.

18. Before delivery men leave, make adjustments to freezer and cooler settings on new refrigerator.

19. Wait a few minutes to ensure the settings have taken effect before they leave. Sign necessary delivery invoices.

20. Add LPRIs back to new refrigerator. Take your time to ensure these items are placed in the correct location. Because the new refrigerator is not completely at optimal temperature, it’s recommended to only add the less perishable items (LPRIs) before the perishable items (HPRIs).

21. About one hour later, move HPRIs from cooler back into refrigerator. Again, take your time to ensure they are placed properly.

22. Add freezer items to new freezer areas. If necessary, add or take away some items from basement freezer to ensure common freezer items are conveniently located.

23. Finished. It’s time to enjoy your new refrigerator.

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