Review of Subway Restaurants and Their Current Ad Campaign

According to an online menu from a local Subway restaurant in Libertyville, IL, there are 14 sandwiches that are a foot long and half of these sandwiches (7) are currently priced at $5. So when Subway continually advertises during sporting events that all their footlong sandwiches are $5, they are only referring to half their 12 inch subs. I understand the excitement and buzz they are trying to create, but only the most expensive footlong sandwiches are discounted in any way. It’s funny they leave this fact out of their commercials.

If I ever visit a Subway restaurant, I order the 12 inch veggie sandwich. Because the footlong is less money per inch, this length provides the best value. There are a total of 7 of the footlong subs that are priced at $5. To really save any money during this promotion, you need to order something like the 12 inch beef sub which is $6.50. During this particular promotion, this sandwich is 23%. The Turkey Breast and Ham and Turkey Breast are regularly priced at $6, so these would be discounted 17%. I realized that the veggie sandwich and other subs are normally priced at $5, so there’s less room for them to discounted, but even a 50 cent discount (10%) during this ad campaign could add good will.

What about the ingredients they use? In the past, I’ve primarily ordered the veggie or vegetarian sandwiches so I’m best suited to comment on veggie sandwich ingredients.

First the cheese, it appears the cheese on these sandwiches is processed and not too tasty. It’s not my favorite ingredient! Moving on to the lettuce, why use iceberg lettuce on their sandwiches? Have they considered using sprouts instead of iceberg lettuce? Or at least give customers a choice? Is it purely expense? Empowers the customers here and make it more customer centric. Would adding sprouts to the choices add flavor and nutritional value to their sandwiches? Regarding the pickles, often they don’t have much taste or look very fresh. When I order a sub sandwich, I’m looking for as many tomatoes as possible as tomatoes are very healthy but often I’m disappointed. The tomatoes have very little flavor and have a strong water taste to them. Green peppers and onions are Ok but not memorable. The olives are often soggy and have an average taste.

Now, after saying this, Subway is average or mediocre at best. It’s certainly not my first choice when choosing fast food. In fact, it’s not my second or third choice. But being a vegetarian, I’ll always keep them in mind as a safety value as they’ll provide some veggies in a pinch at a reasonable price.  Look, when my choices are between McDonalds or Subway or Wendy’s or Subway, I’m choosing the latter.

I will say that it’s helpful that Subway does provide a nice variety of bread, including the whole wheat choice. And the fact they appear to bake it daily adds freshness to the sandwiches. They’ll also add oil, vineagar, oregano, and other spices if requested. Even though these $5 footlong commercials rub me the wrong way, I’m encourages that over the last few years Subway has tried to provide many low-fat sandwich choices. Their brand has changed and I think that’s a good thing. And they are ubiquitous, so if you’re interested in a $5 footlong sandwich, a Subway should not be hard to find.

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