Review of Tricoci University in Libertyville, IL

Tricoci University
750 E. Park, Libertyville, IL
Telephone 847-247-8100
For those who live in Lake County, live or work near Libertyville, you may want to try out their service.

You can become a preferred member for $25 annually. This includes 25% of all retail products, 50% of the feature product of the month, & 4 specialty coupons for 50% off hair service, 50% off nail service, 50% esthetic service, & a Preferred Member Buddy Pass. The Preferred Member Buddy Pass means you have to introduce someone new to Tricoci University. If you do, both you & your friend will receive 50% off all services for one day. This program is another way they are building their brand at this University Salon.

From my experience, I’ve had only skillful hair stylists the 4 times I’ve visited over the last year. They are really customer centric with the clients they see. In addition, the instructor will review the haircut or color as the stylist works with you.

Wash & rinse are included in a men’s haircut. For $9 for a man’s haircut, it’s a good deal. Even when other clients are waiting, they focus on the client at hand and provide very good customer service.

Women’s haircut is $17; it may be a little less for shorter hair. I think a reasonable price.

From what I’ve heard, manicures are $7. I’m not able to review manicures, pedicures, facials or coloring but my experiences, it has been nothing but positive.

If you don’t want to spend over $100 for a cut & color, you may want to try them out. The haircut may take a little longer than usual or you may have to wait sometimes, but focus on how much money you are saving.

They will accept evening appointments too, once you obtain the Preferred Member Buddy Pass. In other words, if you don’t want to wait or prefer to request a particular hair stylist, becoming a member allows you to request your favorite stylist at a specific time.

Even though I don’t necessarily recognize the music being played, the sound level is fine & does not interfere with any interaction within the salon. There is plenty of room within the salon for the stylist to work—overall, the atmosphere is fine.

Classes are more than 12 months long so you may want to find a stylist who is good as soon as possible so you can use their services as long as possible.

I had a friend visit the salon for the first time & her haircut took almost 2 hours. She didn’t have to wait to be served but 2 hours for a trim could be a painfully challenging experience. To mitigate this, again, I would recommend joining the Preferred Member Buddy Pass so you can request specific stylists at a specific time who are competent & experience in their work.

I’ve never gone on Saturday but I’ve heard it can be very busy. Best time is a weekday afternoon. I’ll sometimes call or stop by & gauge the wait time before I register for a haircut.

If you have to wait, there’s plenty of waiting room & newspapers & magazines to peruse. Some regulars bring in a book to read to help pass the time before & during their service.