Why Not Try Google AdWords?

I belong to the IT Specialist Group within LinkedIn and I wanted to pose a question about Google AdWords. On behalf of my client, I wanted valuable feedback & input from IT professionals on the value of AdWords. Would it be valuable for niche marketing? Is it money well spent? Is it simple to setup AdWords? Could my client’s advertising campaign benefit by including AdWords? 

I am grateful for all the insightful and thorough contributions made to this question. There were many contributors who made me think about a variety of things. They even brought up Search Engine Optimization which I became familiar with. Because there were many diverse contributions on this subject, I created three separate categories (blogs).

My goal was to get familiar with other alternative advertising and hopefully these posts educate others on various aspects of PPC (Paid-Per-Click) and Non-PPC advertising. These three categories include: Why Not Try AdWords?,There Are Other Options Available Besides AdWords, & Potential Issues With Adwords.

Why Not Try AdWords?
1. One contributor mentioned some small business success in the UK when using AdWords. Of course, you may need to “tweak” the key words to find the most success.

2. I’ve heard from others that using AdWords does indeed generate traffic to your website. If that is your primary goal, it might be worthwhile to give it a try and evaluate the results.

3. Another source likes AdWords in some situations but also feels it’s just one part of the large Internet marketing puzzle. A major point they make is you’re missing a marketing opportunity if you rely solely on AdWords for your eCommerce marketing model.

4. One person sharing her thoughts felt AdWords did generate new traffic to their site. However, she also made the point that readership does not guarantee profitability. Although she does liken her web philosophy to that of a grocery store. In other words, the longer you stay, the more likely you will make a purchase.

5. A representative from a B2B software company stated that competition for an ad on the first page is huge. From their experience, Google AdWords does effectively drive traffic to your site but it is important to consider two things. One, take the time to ensure your site is setup correctly before you try it. Two, confirm the content on your site is relevant. If you work hard on these two areas, the results can be great.

6. One writer mentioned that if you must or insist on using PPC, it may be particularly effective for long tail key words.

7. Another contributor stresses the importance of being careful with your choices of key words – you need to be deliberate here. Set budgets and carefully set limits on how much you’ll spend for a certain period of time.

In addition, a good landing page is useful and it’s useful to have a great product or service. Again, you need a compelling website. And their last suggestion was verifying you have different landing pages for different search terms.

8. One person who contributed helped to outline things to consider when using AdWords.

Try AdWords but do your homework before you do. Including these suggestions listed below:
• Watch your Quality Score because that impacts price, placement, rank and other things. There’s a lot that goes into QS and you should read up on this first.
• Think about long-tail keywords when using the PPC model.
• Get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right.
• Create effective landing pages. Don’t drop people to your home page.
• Setup Google Goal Tracking so you can measure conversions.
• Remember, don’t use AdWords to generate traffic solely. It’s for generating leads that generate business.