Potential Issues With Google AdWords

I belong to the IT Specialist Group within LinkedIn and I wanted to pose a question about Google AdWords. On behalf of my client, I wanted valuable feedback & input from IT professionals on the value of AdWords. Would it be valuable for niche marketing? Is it money well spent? Is it simple to setup AdWords? Could my client’s advertising campaign benefit by including AdWords? 

I am grateful for all the insightful and thorough contributions made to this question. There were many contributors who made me think about a variety of things. They even brought up Search Engine Optimization which I became familiar with. Because there were many diverse contributions on this subject, I created three separate categories (blogs).

My goal was to get familiar with other alternative advertising. I also feel compelled to share these summaries to others who are interested in various aspects of PPC (Paid-Per-Click) and Non-PPC advertising. These three categories include: Why Not Try AdWords?,There Are Other Options Available Besides AdWords, & Potential Issues With Adwords.

Potential Issues With AdWords
1. Another contributor feels AdWords is a money pit and will not use it again. His experience saw that there were many clicks at an unusual hour and there wasn’t any support number to call. He had to use email where, according to this contributor, their support was mediocre without a satisfactory answer. In addition, feels he will not receive a sufficient explanation on what happened.

2. A few commented that AdWords may work but it can be expensive so why not utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before pursuing AdWords.

3. One contributor to this discussion felt AdWords was more commodity oriented, that most people coming to them through AdWords were just price based. These consumers were primarily focused on getting the best price with little consideration to the value being offered.

4. We had someone who had experienced a lack of support for AdWords. If you have trouble posting, often there is not anyone you can call. If you post your questions and issues on their forum, there may not be a response or emails will not be addressed. This same contributor has had good experience with his Facebook ads.

5. Another concern about getting your ads quickly reviewed and implemented to be effective. There were posts on the forum with similar issues and it appeared that some of these posts were never addressed. Less comfortable about trying this type of service.

6. From a small business perspective, there may be an affordability issue. There may be too much competition from those with large ad budgets writes one contributor. The bidding of certain key words can drive up the cost to $20 or more for one click, which may be too expensive for a small business owner. She too recommends Facebook and also recommends Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, and blogs are the best ways to drive traffic to my site.